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Blended by Sharon M. Draper

Isabella, or Izzy's parents divorce. her mom is white and her dad is black, and she is caramel. Her Mom has been dating John Mark for a long time-and at the same time her Dad is dating Anastasia. When her best friend Imani finds a kinda loop that a person uses to use to kill people, she doesn't see her friend Imani for one whole week. When John Mark proposes to her mom she checks with her first. Even John Mark checked with her. Her mom says yes. And later on, her dad proposes to Anastasia. She says yes too. When she is going to a piano rehearsal, she stops to get ice cream. the police think her older brother stole from the bank but it was not him. When they finally work out that they didn't steal from the bank, Izzy reaches into her pocket to text her mom that she is going to be late. But the police officer thinks she's reaching for a gun. She shoots Izzy's arm-she hits the ground and has a concussion. She survives. The ending is sad but the story is real good.

Rate: Girly, violence

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So, this is NOT a book. I will try to post everytime I read a new book or realize that I haven't posted a good book. So, I will try to get about 2 new books weekly. That is how much I will post. 👍🏻

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