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Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories by Jeff Kinney

A bunch of weird made up stories, all in one book!


1. The Changing

2. The Prankster

3. The Ghost Friend

4. The Biter

5. The Human Head

6. The scanner

7. The Cellar

8. The Nap

9. The Stain

10. a mummy

11. The Science Project

12. The Medicine Cabinet

13. The Invasion

14. The Demon

There are too many so I will tell you about one.

The changing is when a boy goes to school and then he has one hair in his armpit. When he comes home he has A LOT. Not gonna giveaway any more

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So, this is NOT a book. I will try to post everytime I read a new book or realize that I haven't posted a good book. So, I will try to get about 2 new books weekly. That is how much I will post. 👍🏻

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